Mark Eirikis: Fighting extortion attempt from Stephanie Nudds Martin (and her many fake aliases)

My name is Mark Eirikis, and since early 2014 I’ve been fighting slander and extortion toward myself and my business from a scam artist who I exposed.


This is the initial extortion attempt and my 1st ever contact with this psychopath. The Hypronex facebook and amazon pages remain up due to the fact that this was a false claim, the amazon mechanical turk request had a disclaimer. An attempt at posing as a male lawyer but in the attached screenshot, on the tab on the left, she accidentally left her real email address in view.


After Googling her email address, I discover she’s a prostitute and not in fact a lawyer.

As shown in the above screenshot, I call her out on the fact that she’s a fake lawyer. This angers her, and causes her to create a slanderous report on website “”, which after some research had to move to Korea about being sued in the US publishing false information.

At this point, I had to dust-off my social engineering skills and somehow get this scammer to reveal her real name/identity. Despite the fact that my 1st contact with this woman was her amateur extortion attempt, she was desperate enough that I was able to convince her that I was romantically interested in her until I was able to get her to reveal her real name and the proof I needed to link her fake name to her real name (below).

Bingo, it worked, she was stupid enough to link herself to her scammer name, even requesting western union of extortion money to her real name from the Pee Swilly email after I got what I needed  and gave up the charade.

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Below are screenshots with the proof that all of this is true and linking everything together. After this exchange, she changed the email address she uses for her prostitution “career” but I took screenshots that link her to the email address she left exposed in the screenshot after a bit of googling.

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As it turns out, I’m only one of her many victims (shocker, I know), and this site has helped them reveal her true identity. It has even helped one of them win a large judgement against her in court.

She found this site a year or so after I created it, and knows that it has exposed her, so she has significantly increased her slandering efforts as revenge, using many fake aliases to create false reports and comments all over the internet about me, Mark Eirikis. All this tells me is that I hit this scammer where it hurt and prevented future victims, so it was worth it.

For more information, read Update 1 and Update 2 on the situation. Another one of her victims supplied me with more information about her, including a portion of her lengthy criminal record here.

If you are yet another one of this woman’s victims, please contact me at my email or leave a comment in the newly opened comment section below.